das Magazin
December, 2023

Few people are criticized and ridiculed as passionately as he is: an interview with Gianni Infantino, the controversial president of the world football association Fifa from Valais.

Radon Haus photo essay

das Magazin
July, 2023

«Ist das Gas im Keller schuld am Krebs meiner Eltern?»
Zuerst stirbt der Vater an Lungenkrebs. Als auch noch die Mutter erkrankt, fragt sich unsere Autorin, ob es vielleicht an der Radon-Belastung in ihrem Elternhaus im Glarnerland liegt.

NZZ am Sonntag

Das sind Biospermien
May, 2021

Coverstory for nzz magazin about semen collection from the first bio-bull. Semen are shipped worldwide to produce first actual bio meat/milk. It was tough to see how the industry works, but interesting and educational too. That belongs in our society as long as we consume animal products.

Making Tracks

The Escapist
August, 2018

From London to Istanbul by the original orient express-route via train. 


«Nothing epitomised the golden age of travel like the Orient Express. But with the venerable service now existing only as an upscale tourist attraction, anyone wanting to savour its classic itinerary has to catch a hotchpotch of connecting trains. And while a series of utilitarian carriages is no substitute for the opulent wagons of yore, at least one thing about the trip remains constant: life on board continues to enchant.» By Andrew Mueller


Brand Campaign
August, 2022

Foundry Berlin: Sacha Moser (Founder & Creative Partner), Eugenia Kubas (Creative Lead Art), Nitin George (Creative Lead Concept & Copy), Susann Kompa (Account & Project Lead), Jarin Morová (Head of Media & Performance), Gregor Wollenweber & Christian Wirz (Produktion), Andreas Egidi (Art Director)

Produced by Stories: Michele Seligmann, Yves Bollag, Meret Früh, Marko Strihic, Edoardo Moruzzi.

NZZ Folio Coverstory

«Soll dieser Affe Menschenrechte erhalten? – Ein Dilemma»
June, 2021

Coverstory on the relationship between humans and animals and our consumer behaviour. Should primates be given basic rights? A small initiative asks big questions. It forces us to rethink our relationship with animals.

The genetic material of humans and chimpanzees is 98.5 percent identical. A difference of 1.5 percentage points decides who sits in the cage and who stands in front of it, who is killed and who kills. People slaughter 80 billion animals worldwide every year. In Switzerland alone, 80 million chickens, pigs, rabbits and cattle. Is it radical to want to change that? Or is it radical to continue like this?

The pictures and the article are taken for the July issue of NZZ-Folio on the topic „human & animal“ (published on 2. July 2021).

Adam Quadroni / Das Kartell

December, 2019

Ein Bauunternehmer steigt aus. Er liefert die Beweise für einen gigantischen Bauskandal in Graubünden. Involviert sind seine Konkurrenten wie auch Politiker, einer ist heute Regierungsrat. Und was passiert? Der Whistleblower wird in die Psychiatrie gesteckt. Der Name dieses Mannes ist Adam Quadroni. Und das ist seine Geschichte. Teil I. Von Von Gion-Mattias Durband, Anja Conzett